Germany Volleyball League launches new campaign

Germany's Volleyball League (DVL) has unveiled an innovative new marketing campaign with the slogan "Real people, Real stars" which includes videos of some of the competition's leading players.
The campaign had its official launch on October 13 at the Cinemaxx in Dresden where videos featuring Linda Dörendahl, Tesha Harry, Lisa Rühl and Salvador Hidalgo Oliva were shown for the first time before being uploaded to YouTube and a number of other social network websites. The films are also being played during national league matches and are regularly run by the TV partners of the DVL. A website outlining the main themes of the initiative is accessible at
"Our stars are human beings just as we are," DVL President Michael Evers said at the launch. "They deliver something extraordinary at every level and they fully deserve to be presented to the public for what they really are."
Volleyball fans have been invited to create and film their own videos based around the sport and how it helps them deal with daily situations or problems. A special jury will then evaluate the quality and innovative spirit of the videos after the February 15, 2011 deadline and announce the winner.
Additionally, the DVL will showcase two of the league's players – one male and one female – on a monthly basis, selecting them for not just their performances on court and but also for what they do in their daily lives, so continuing the spirit of this campaign. The aim is to show that Volleyball stars are more than sports people and are often very much involved in social projects or other activities positively affecting people around them. It will afford fans some insight into the private lives of their favourites, including some backstage shots capturing the way they prepare for games and the different rituals they follow.

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