Official website of Polish Federation registers increasing international popularity

The official website of the Polish Volleyball Federation is enjoying an always increasing popularity and many fans are regularly checking the contents available there. Such foreign readers are mainly based in Great Britain, Germany, Turkey, Czech Republic, Italy, United States, Russia and France. However, there are also some more “exotic” countries represented in the official stats issued by the body governing Volleyball in Poland, with one entry registered from Bahrain, Sri Lanka, Guatemala, Jamaica and Mauritius. Other visitors are stemming from China, Montenegro, Azerbaijan and the Philippines.
When it comes to Poland, the Internet users and readers of are mainly living in the largest cities of the country, such as Warsaw, Krakow, Lodz, Katowice and Poznan.
In combination with the last stages of the men’s national league – which is definitely the “hottest” topic there – the PVF registered record-breaking figures, with 126,951 visits through March 1-April 27 and a total of 451,012 entries.

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