2011 CEV Beach Volleyball European Championship - Polish Masters

The second stop of the 2011 CEV Beach Volleyball European Championship, the Polish Masters, is set to start on Tuesday in Niechorze. After the Serbian Masters that came to a close yesterday, this event will provide quite many European players with another opportunity to compete at the highest level as they get ready for the final scheduled for next August 9-14 in Kristiansand, Norway.
Beach Volleyball fans will be certainly watching out for international stars such as David Klemperer/Eric Koreng of Germany and triple European champions Reinder Nummerdor and Richard Schuil of the Netherlands. However, it is not only about the matches and the sport as the location and the great program prepared by the local organizers will help turn the Polish Masters into a memorable event.
The venue is indeed located next to the lighthouse of Niechorze which is one of Poland’s most popular seaside resorts.
“We have a great venue and everything seems to be well prepared” says Poland’s heroine Katarzyna Urban. “We hope that we’ll play good and delight our home fans with a great show. Events organized here in Poland are always great, so if the weather is good, this Polish Masters will be unforgettable”.
Everything is ready in Niechorze and the organizers keep their fingers crossed hoping that there won’t be rainy days affecting the competition.
“This is a great challenge but I am also delighted to host this competition here in Niechorze” said the local Mayor, Robert Skraburski. “We will also check out our skills and I believe we’ll be paid back for this risk we decided to undertake. I am sure that we will not disappoint our partners and all those – including CEV – who showed their trust by allotting this event to our small village”. 
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