Former Volleyball player to host MTV Europe Music Awards in Belfast

The former Northern Ireland Volleyball player Gerry Copeland is the host coordinator of this year’s MTV Europe Music Awards for the first time ever this weekend.
Gerry Copeland has been the City Events Manager for Belfast City Council (BCC) for over ten years. In that time he has lead the unit in the delivery of its annual events program, which yearly attracts in excess of 100’000 people and generates more than £1m for Belfast.
He has also been involved in Belfast’s Millennium Celebrations; managed the £3.5m year long program to mark the City Hall’s centenary in 2006 and more recently lead the BCC’s team in the 2009 Belfast Maritime Festival which welcomed the Tall Ships back to the city – an event that is estimated to have attracted nearly 800,000 people and generated an estimated £15m for the Belfast economy.
Gerry and his colleagues are currently planning events, on behalf of BCC, as far ahead of 2015. This will also involve the development of an integral events strategy that will see the city’s annual and one-off events play an even larger role in the economic and social structure of Northern Ireland’s capital.

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